Saturday, May 17, 2008


Marcel can crawl, and Sam can ride his two wheeler without training wheels. Both these events happened within 24 hours of each other. My proud mama elation mixed with a little sadness, watching them go off in their own directions barely looking back.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Laughing Bangles

Mother's Day 2008.
Highlights include Sammy slapping four dollars on the counter at Wendy's while exclaiming; "I'm buying my mommy lunch. " Sammy looking at the silver and copper colored bangle we bought together at the jewelry counter at Sears and telling me that the copper one is for Marcel, because he looks like it, and the other one is bright like a star so it is for him. When I jingle them together he says, "listen Mom they are laughing like us." Highlight's include copying down the following inscription for Sam's birth mother's mother's day card; "Thank you for letting me be in your tummy, and staying in your tummy for a long time. Thank you for getting me into the world. Thank you for letting me into your heart. I love you, Sammy." I have done something well, I tell myself. Sammy knows his birth story, and for today it is a story that he feels gratitude for it, in his own 3.5 year old way.