Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Needless to say..

Our family is still riding on Obama Victory fumes. Since last week it has been easy to smile at all the world has to offer as we are looking through a new lens of possibility. Sammy watched Obama's acceptance speech for a good 35 seconds before he fell asleep. Every milestone is announced; "Sam look here is Obama in the Oval Office.." and discussed. He knows what an oval is after all!

I wake up giddy. I feel as if I am in love. I search my brain for clarification; "This feeling of lightness and hope is associated with unmitigated glee. Did I begin a new relationship and forget the person's name? Oh right I am in love with the Obamas." I have new pride that I can't point to or explain. But, it is fun telling people how presidential my family feels now...(Obama's mom and I share the same nose, relationship status, and what did little Barry have that Sammy doesn't?) I imagine the girls picking one of forty rooms to play in and I just want to giggle. I see them as a model on so many levels. I find myself praying for their well being, and time together as a family.

The light is crisp. The leaves are dried. The cupboard recently made room for cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie filling. Baseballs are being replaced by basketballs which will soon step aside for the ice skates and snowball making mittens. Weatherstripping, and caulk on the list, as the drafts announce themselves earlier each evening. Marcel can say Moo, more, and Mama. Sammy reminds me that once Marcel was a baby, and now he is big. A friend told me of a playwriter's group that meets every other week not far from here. I admit that is a fine goal, but first I have to find out how to get running again.

Needless to say, my joy is strecthing again. For this I am so thankful.