Sunday, March 23, 2008


It wasn't even 6:30 am when Sam's screams from the living room woke Marcel and I from our nursing reverie; "MOM! You're not going to believe it!!! The Easter Bunny came to our house! And Mom....he made a MESS!" (Instant fraternity there...)The shredded lettuce in the foyer was my crowning moment for the day. That, I actually lost sleep wondering how to effectively cut out rabbit teeth from the note he left for said magical hare was not so noteworthy. (Rest came when I remembered that I could just grab it when he went to sleep, and fling it in the notebook of scrunched up artifacts he'll be getting on his 18th birthday.) The best line from the note; "And, I spell lettuce with an S." Of course he does. He spells everything he can with an S. Only he doesn't spell. Uncle Marc keeps trying to get him to do advanced math because of an NPR story he heard recently about a 3 year old adding and subtracting in Massachusetts.

Marcel ate applesauce for the first time. We rode the Easter Bunny Express and although Sam found him magical, I wish they would dry clean that tired costume at least once every other year. Dinner at Uncle Marc's was scrumptious albeit trying when the fire alarm was set off by the grill, tripping the entire building. I sat in the stairway chewing my kebab, hoping Sam didn't ask me what kind of meat it was, since he was clutching his new black lamb toy the Easter Bunny brought him. His fat lip from his brand new scooter ride home presented a band aid conundrum. He settled for his chin. Marcel's sleep training, commenced 7 days ago has culminated in yet another Mama C's School of Sleep Success Stories. He fell asleep on his own in 4 minutes tonight. There is hope.

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