Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumnal Update

We're walking. We're vocalizing. We're transitioning, to new schools, and new routines. We're getting used to each other all over again it seems, as Marcel approaches one, and takes up so much more space in the world! Negotiating everything from calling that piece of plastic a water squirter and not something what foods you're able to eat on your own, and what is a good reason to wake mom up at night; "No, really I don't care that you took off your pajamas, or found your brother's sock under your pillow. No, I don't know where that spider went that was in your room last month!!! Yes , I want to cuddle, but not at 2:35 am..." We're so hopeful our insides ache when we think that O'bama will be the one to accept the presidency( four years after I dropped off my "dear birth mother" letter at the adoption agency while wearing my "I voted today" sticker as the picture in my scrap book reveals). We're still riding bikes, taking swimming lessons, hitting fastballs in the parks, and now we're looking forward to basketball "practice" (little hoopsters it's called) in October and ice skating class in December. We're drumming (it's in the basement, but it is still plenty loud we discovered) and dancing to big brother's beats. We're writing memoirs sporadically, but gathering more material all the time....

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