Thursday, June 18, 2009


On the edge of summer time.
A watering can in one hand,
a bathing suit in the other.
The park concert schedule soaking under
the watermelon rinds on the counter.
After dinner park romps
in search of an ice cream truck and
a baseball game.

Poised on the edge of summer
when the wading pool, the playground
and picnics at the beach
tangled up in kite strings
are the closest thing we have to a plan-
a destination.

A foyer filled
with bike helmets,
baseball bats, and
boasts from boys
with dirt under their nails
and heroic intentions
to catch the ball and
dive my head under the water
this time.

Poised for summer with
seedlings to encourage
under the windows
to open
inviting in the soundtrack of
the season: from bees
and boom boxes
to come on in and make it official:

summertime and the living
is easy.

1 comment:

sagerific said...

mmmmm....LOVE it. looking forward to playing catch, diving under the water and rolling in the grass with y'all this summer ;-).