Thursday, July 30, 2009

In my back woods

In my back woods
I was Nature Girl-

naming potato bugs
that I brought to their little desks made out of acorn tops
and pine cone bits

so I could call on them
at my potato bug school

In my back woods
I was seven-happy-and-eight too
picking daffodils
swinging on vines

following the creek to the tunnel under the parkway

stopping before the waterfall down to the Potomac

stopping before Sasquatch got you-

or the naked man who they said
ran the woods at night-
or the teenagers
who hid their pipes
in the roots
of the giant dead over turned tree
in the red clay earth

In my back woods
I was
Luke Skywalker
practicing for hours
my powers
to make a stick levitate from the earth into my hand
with sheer will power
I could channel the good side of The Force

(In my back woods
I was never Princess Leah
because my hair wouldn't roll around my head like that
it was too short
I looked more like Luke)

In my back woods
being alone and seeing a deer talk to a squirrel
or a fox sliding on the ice for fun

or the sun lick a red red berry

wasn't magical
it was just what happened there
when I was alone
not encumbered by all the things I know now

that would stop me cold
from venturing alone
into the back woods.

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molly said...

I love this...