Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Magazine Debut!

Here it is! The cover of the issue of Adoptive Families Magazine (September/October)that my article "True Love Times Two" appears in on page 23-the "Our Story" section. I am not certain if a link will appear to my story--but that is why we have book stores. It should be on the stands end of August. (I know it is available at Borders, and whatever the Borders equivalent is in the midwest, and west coast.) I am so pleased to have the piece here, and offer big thanks to Ariel Gore and The Wayward Writers for their editorial input! I will try to post a link on the right.

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sheretta77 said...

I linked to your blog from your piece in Adoptive Families Magazine. I am a single adoptive mother of two boys (they are biological siblings), an educator, and a writer (though reading your blog has inspired me to really and truly WRITE more). Glad to have found your site!