Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hip Mama.... if only

Even though two of my poems are included in this, the newest issue of Hip Mama, it is hard to feel hip in my tired old bones today.

But please CHECK OUT this issues, and BUY IT online or at your local bookstore and hip bodega. It is their creativity issue which makes me feel particularly HOT no matter what.

Bunk bed update: two nights in, and two nights out for Sam. Marcel has mastered the art of the lower bunk--as long as you never put covers on him, and remember the socks. As long as you rub his back, and not his head. As long as you sing the alphabet song, or Swing Low, but not Summertime. These are this weeks requirements.

Sam, well Sam needed to paint the bed apparently. Poster paint. Green. All over the bed, the floor, and Marcel's lamb. He said it was his, and he wanted to paint it. I was so flabbergasted I didn't even react. I just handed him the warm wash cloth and he got to work. This didn't improve things, made it worse actually. But, it allowed me time to go sit in the other room, and breathe.

I do a lot of that to avoid yelling.

It worked last night.

It's not even a pretty green either.

His logic; "Mom you said I could paint it." (What I said the night before was--Sure we can paint it some day--we'll go pick out paints together if you'd like. )

Translation: Mom, as I become wiser in the world, and can handle language like play dough I am going to explore some more limits with you. Are you ready?

Uncle took the boys to the park so that I could take a nap (Sam woke up four times last night to ask for reassurance that he was supposed to sleep in his bed )before a meeting I have to go to this evening.

Instead I run to the blog.

Because I had to tell you about the green paint, and the fact that the gentleman I have been dating for a few months is leaving town for the weekend to play the part of an invasive beetle to educate people at a country fair.

So this weekend I can say that I am dating a beetle, and it would be the truth.

In some circles that would seem incredibly hip.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through your beautiful poems in HIP MAMA. Absolutely beautiful words, and I am not usually a poetry fan. Perhaps this form most illuminates your experience with your wonderful little boys.
Thanks for being such a Hip Mama, and an inspiration!