Saturday, January 24, 2009

ER visits and Hockey Sticks

You would think the two are related. Actually they happened simultaneously. While Marcel and I were in the ER waiting for the parade of doctors to poke, pry, alarm, confuse, and confer with us, Sam and Uncle were buying a hockey stick. I sanctioned the latter, in a weaker moment this morning after a kind stranger named Ed lent Sam his stick to play with on "the pond". Sam grew five inches as he sent random ice pucks soaring from one end of the outdoor "rink" to the other. Ed was there trying to learn how to skate and play hockey to keep up with his kids. Instead of seeing to his own, he hoodwinked mine into believing he was "professional" and "skilled" and a born ice hockey phenom. Gee thanks. By the time we arrived home, Marcel asleep in my arms for the third time in as many hours, I gave in to the 50th request to go buy a hockey stick, if Sam agreed to nap, eat lunch, and be a great listener for the rest of his life. I think he agreed to at least one of those. He must have, because now he has a stick.

Marcel meanwhile was succumbing to some pernicious little virus that was sucking the vitality out of him, and leaving in it's stead no appetite, 104 degree fever, and a clingy lump who would not be put down. Since he had just finished a 10 day course of antibiotics Thursday, the triage nurse on the phone urged us to the ER in case of pneumonia, or persistent ear infection. Thankfully neither were the cause, although we don't know where the infection is coming from, nor might we ever know. Best guess is viral, and I'll put money on him waking feeling at least 60% better. He is a resilient little dude. Best line was from the visit was the nurse who thanked me for "remembering to bring the refreshments" when Marcel started nursing.

I also had fun educating the very warm, and gentle good doctor who was having a hard time with the "adopted brother, biological baby, no father involved (his words)" correction. I said, there is no father to be involved. He looked at me with that; "Oh no here comes too much information" look.

"I am just reminding you doctor that families come in all different shapes and sizes. I am a single mother by choice not by circumstance." His voice cracked as he said; "Yes, yes that is fine." And, indeed it is, and we are, and he well, he'll be fine too when he goes home, and asks his wife what I was going on about.

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