Sunday, January 4, 2009

What 2008 brought us...

1. The first time I can easily buy a calendar with a joyful black man on the front for our kitchen.

2. Two thriving, beautiful, fanatical children who grow more in love with each other daily, and who seem to be figuring out how to put up with me as well.

3. Several times my name in print. Magazines this year, and hopefully more of the same, if not something even juicier in the years to come.

4. My brother established and staying put in Maine. (At least as far as I know..) A growing relationship with him for me and the boys. This is something I have always wanted since he moved away over ten years ago.

5. A new address for the crack dealers next door. It took four years, but finally I feel breathing room and a much larger safety net around our home.

6. A new appreciation for my students, the work we all do together and my capabilities as a teacher. A grant that I wrote that was just funded for my classroom, and a new mentee to help me in the spring.

7. A farewell to a friend Linda "We can do this" Mansfield, a colleague Scott Pease, my students' brother James Angelo, Eddie's Uncle in Haiti, a legend Paul Newman, and my dog Lily (who is enjoying another life in New Hampshire).

8. My 40th birthday. And, I must say that I love this decade so far. I feel easier on myself. Things are less pressing, less complicated.

9. New connections. FB and my online writer's group that is beginning, and one of my single mama list serves are the moments of "ambient awareness" (thank you Kerry) that deliver me from the confines of a single family household in Maine with humor and embrace over and over again.

10. My inner chef! I cooked some kick-in cuisine this year. By the time my boys actually eat what is on their plate they will have something to be happy to eat!

11. much closer to believing something called a relationship might come into my life one day. Before the year ends that relational status category's going to be popping up with a little red heart for me too. It didn't happen this year, but it will.

12. Friendships that have carried me and knuckle one and two to this moment in time with so much help and support. A special shout out to our Eddie who is moving out of her role as nanny, and into her role as our Eddie who lives in a warm place now... From before the baby entered the stratosphere until now she has been our savior and our sister.

13. The belief that alignment is possible. 2009 is for allowing it to happen.

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Cathryn Falwell said...

What beautiful children you have! I enjoyed your site.
And it's an honor to have one of my books on Sam's list! Thanks, Sam!