Friday, February 6, 2009

Counting the family (Sam's poetic debut)

One for Marcel
and two for you,
and three for me.

Four for Eddie
And Tia makes five.
KK is six
Uncle is


Sarah and Jay
are eight and nine.

Nana is ten
and Weezie eleven
Alex is twelve
and Sage is too.

And my birthfather is thirteen
We can hold a number for him, for when you might get to know him better. How about your birthmother -number fourteen?

And Chuck and Jen and Parker and Rachel and Muriel

How many is that?

Uh nineteen?

Grammy and Grampy and we'll save
the other numbers
for all the
other people
in our family.

Our family is big mom.
It isn't just



Ronda said...

sammysam kk & i just read this together. if i were evolved enough to write a poem about the important people in my life you'd be there right at the top...kisses from your t

edwige, eddie, e. , etc said...

thank you, Sam.
As always you know exactly what to say. I am honored to be mentioned.

Sarah said...

That's beautiful. Nice job, Sam! May all of us come to know that our family is as big as we see it.