Sunday, February 1, 2009

Worth Noting

Disney on Ice
Watching his jaw
drop to his knees
While the mountain sized
Sea Witch emerged horrific
in black lighting.
Sensing Sam searching for clues
to navigate the ice between
fear and amazement.

Marcel lost his independence
when his fever broke.
He clings.
My barnacle boy.
Breathe Mama breathe,
there's no use putting him

Reassure me that the world is-
that the world at arms length from you is
as safe as I once knew it to be.

He insists as he sucks unto my thigh,
arm, and hip.
I want to set him
and run

back to my early 30's

I grab my frustration
exhale and picture when I can't
remember how it felt to be able to reassure
him that the world is-

Wearing his magic cape,
and my blue gloves
Sam did the dishes
from start to finish
because I asked him to.
And he could.
And he felt success.
While I made the lunches,
and put out the clothes
for another tomorrow
when a groundhog will
see something else
worth noting

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