Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Friday
tulips for his
"best, best, best, best, best, best, best
teachers ever" gets everyone crying.
They do goodbye right.
A giant card with quotes from his
I love you Sam because you:
wear cool slippers,
hug me,
are my best friend
I love you Sam because
you smile at me
play kitty,
and share your fruit snack.
And from the teachers on the back
"energetic, helpful, your smile lights
up the room."

Vacation week review:
accountant (the one time being a single mother is rewarded)
the dentist
the new playroom
and studio
But, mom you never play with me
the flowers Sam picked out
from the sale bin of Valentine's
bouquets that didn't find their
until now
internet issues
surprising lack of tissues
long lovely visits from Sage, Eddie, Alex, T-T, and Weezie-Bruce
thawing summer visions
and a $296.00 visit to the grocery store
with me clapping and asking if I can just add four more?
omissions and so much new
space for

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