Thursday, April 23, 2009

He's got the whole world..

in his hands.
At his new old school,
(or is that his old new
school?) where Sam
for the day.
To hugs,
Welcome Back signs,
Circle time leader,
and where
you make the Earth
out of clay.

They began with red,
the sun, followed by
orange, the warm part
he explained. Then green
and blue, mom, for the ocean
and the land.
Did you know here is
New Mexico, and South Portland
on this globe of his own design.

The coolest part is what happens
next. It comes apart-
split right down the middle
to reveal all that work he did
today, creating this planet
from start to finish.

I am no longer
split down the middle-
I think as I hold the
two sides in my hand.

So it was a good day
back then? You were happy
to see your friends,
visit Marcel
care for the planet?

Mom, actually
the entire was
all about
me he
self reports

(And me.
Who knows she made the
right decision
with new certainty.

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