Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Your Boys

I had a great insight around the poem today, and it took a sweet leap of it's own.

We Your Boys

We Your Boys. We
Make noise. We

Nix naps. We
Log laps. We

Pass plates. We
Share traits. We

'Night Moon. All
grown soon.

When I removed June from the equation, the poem opened up and became about my family, and it became my poem. (We Night Moon, a nod to Goodnight Moon and our evening ritual) The "All grown.." allows for my twist to take up it's space... and for the poem and the children to "grow up" so to speak. In other ways the word choice is actually a much tighter response to Brooks.

Here's to poetry month.


Sam's preschool teacher told me that the entire classroom has actually "Settled down" with his return. His leadership there was missing. How about that.

Marcel now says "Oh my gosh," all the time.

I am wildly excited and nervous about the talent show.

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Christi said...

Love that poem. And hope your reading goes well ! :)