Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

We are beginning a new tradition here today.
Not an original one I imagine
but new to us.

Black Friday is going to be devoted to celebrating
all things that are black which is brown.

[Economics aside-explained simply to Sam as
when a store is doing well they say they are
in the black.]

Black Friday is going to be a day where we list
everyone we know who is some part black
and who has contributed to making the world as we know it
a better and browner place to be.

Sam came up with Michael Jackson as the first on  his list.
To honor him we You Tubed him for half an hour.
The best most thought provoking find--the Jackson 5
on the Carol Burnett Show a long long time ago.

Sam was laughing at her, while admiring the complementary colors
on their pant suits.
I was horrified picturing myself as Carol Burnett to their friends
a not so long time from now.

When I explained this new holiday to Sam,
to help me brainstorm other people we could
devote the day to his list was as follows;
Marcel, Me, and Uncle...

Should our  list include people who do not have brown skin
but who feel like they do in a way to you?

Sam ponders this and says; Yes because that would include
you, and all the other people who love me too.
And Michael Jackson at the end of his life.
But not Santa because he is really not black.

I rattle off a few obvious additions to the list
all of which Sam heartily agrees to.
Sam's birth mother and father, Marcel's donor.
Obama, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin,
Tiger Woods, Serena, and the new Disney Princess Tiana.
These being the most often occurring
and recent additions to the family lexicon.

If you're done Mom can I go now?

I nod and smile, as I jot it all down.

Waiting there watching me write Sam
the collaborator-son says,
Add this at the end mom;
Happy Black Day, and I love you.

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