Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Day and then some

Four years ago today
surrounded by our nearest and dearest
we filled the improvised chambers
of the probate court
at the Children's Museum
to hear Sam's-first-middle and last name
decreed with judicious officiousness.

Same name.

Same name.
Ours in the eyes of the state.*

Looking down at your name all balanced out as it is-
On the Adoption Decree
one place where we now look so exactly alike.
Good thing type ink mostly comes in black.

To honor and remember
we went to the park the three of us.
And baby Dexter.
Marcel's baby doll-
the one I gave Sam
to help him get used to the idea
of an imminent Marcel
is now Marcel's my-baby-doll-Dexter
a reminder that family every day is about who we bring
into the fold
when we need them.

Who is there for us to love.

For dinner Sam came up with the menu:
baked beans and cake.
Then we invited upstairs Sarah and Jay,
and downstairs Uncle too.
For a potluck and a toast.
Sam invited one more friend who he thought
would want to celebrate impromptu.

Happy Adoption Month
to those who have cause to celebrate,
and to those who are rocking
their delicate and huge dreams in the wait.

* In the back drop of last week's Marriage Equality loss in Maine we acknowledge the privilege and meaning of a shared name. Co-adoption without the legal rights of marriage is just not the same. Discrimination is discrimination. Love is love.

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