Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nothing Unusual About Us

Whackadoozle Mom
Hand Me Down Lion
and Darth Maul Sammy
last night.

A holiday where skin color
blends in or is not immediately
obvious because of masks and the like
is strangely welcomed.

Even though we had to adjust Darth's coloring
in order to create the desired effect
it worked without much ado about why.

Even though the kids in the neighborhood
knew we were just visiting-
guests of Sam's adoring godmother and significant other
in surfer pink and wigged attire-
our combined freak show
blended right in.

Something we rarely
achieve the other three sixty four.

Something I never considered
as a young hobo-witch-or cat
knocking with anticipation at another
and another and another white
person's door.

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