Sunday, November 22, 2009

Say Uncle

While they are downstairs playing soccer
after watching football and explaining endzones
and replays
I am stealing a moment of thanks.

Sam's eyes say it all really.
What more could I add?
He made those cupcakes today with Eddie
to honor the man who is Super Uncle Man.

Crab cakes, roasted brussel sprouts, quinois, and cupcakes are on the menu tonight.

Flavored with admiration, appreciation, joy, humor
and love for our downstairs Uncle.
Sailor Uncle.
Football watching Uncle.
Throw me on the couch Uncle.
He likes to play rough Uncle.
T.V. will rot your brain Uncle.
Motorcycle Diner Uncle.

Don't tell him that I had a bad day at school Uncle.

I may not have a dad, but I have an Uncle Uncle.

We love you.

Thank you for giving us this chance
to celebrate
all that you do


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