Tuesday, October 27, 2009

history in the texting

We have his school pictures-
and we were wondering
if you would like
8x10, 5x7, wallets or all
of the above


LOL I want them all!
I have new ones too of us
for you.


Pls send me your thoughts about
writing X (birth father's name here)*
should I try again
or wait?


I tried to contact him
and he never wrote back
don't waste your time...
well, I'd wait a while.


Sam will want to know him one day
pls let me know if your take on this
changes at any point?
Pictures in the mail soon



after almost five years
and we have reached this place
on the one inch screen of a cellphone
where our lives intersect
with ease
on occasion.

Sam being the larger intersection
the giant black point
on the graph
where birth mother
and adoptive mother

sometimes three times a year
sometimes more.

(I pick out the pictures that it is hardest to see
the giant tie
with the backwards tying.)
* this is a reference to a prior discussion
between us, where she had asked for more time
to consider her response.
The larger back story here will be in the memoir
I am writing.

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Angie said...

Enjoying your blog and style of writing! Your boys are beautiful!
Feel free to check out my blog too.

Still in the waiting to be matched category!