Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm just waiting on a stone...

I love this picture of me.
I took it before I went to the doctor today because I felt relief-

knowing that I was going to get some answers today,
brought that twinkle to my eye.
I wanted to capture it.

I won't take the post appointment shot-
it would be the bleary eyed red one.

Not because of what they said,
but because of all the things that they can't say.

We can tell you that it is one of the above.

It may be this, that or the other thing.

We can tell you that we'll know better after this test.

We can't tell you when you can have this test.

We can tell you to relax.

We can't tell you how to do that.

I looked at that sweet young man,
who I seriously doubted was old enough to have a driver's license
let alone an MD anywhere near his name,
and I thought how proud his mother must be.

The not knowing when your pain is going to be resolved
is like parenting.

I am reasonably certain my children
will grow into compassionate,
well intentioned,
intelligent beings,
who respect themselves, and others.

I will hope that the decor of the principal's office
will not be something either of them will be able to recall with any certainty.
Law enforcement altercations will be as foreign to them,
as not calling me on the weekends from their college dorm room.
These are reasonable requests,
that will take years to be processed.

That I was informed it would take two to three weeks
to get in for a test that my doctor ordered; "STAT"
is an unreasonable reality to me.

What does one do with that?

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