Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slow Picking

On the mend
Trying to take it slowly by choice.
This is not a strength of mine.
In fact I am miserable at it.

Put the "garden" (read 5' x 2.5' patch)
to bed for the fall/winter today,
the lettuce and tomato pots under the back stairs
and cut things back and under.

Pulled every article of clothing the family owns
out of it's drawer, nook and cranny-
onto the floor.
Giveaway, store, fold or toss.
Two hours. Done.
(Uncle and the boys were at soccer and the playground. I was in 5th gear for two hours strait.)
Winter, I'm ready.
Boots are labeled in the bag for school.
Socks are matched.
Coats in the wash.

Orchard for picking, hay riding
and laughter.
More today then in weeks for me
Uncle had me cracking me up.

The boys feel my recovery
their ease is within reach like
those trees laden
with golden juicy de-lish.

Approached by an editor of an adoption related publication venue for permission to include "Black Enough" in their winter newsletter.
A friend of hers saw it in Hip Mama,
and brought it to her attention.
Imagining my words savored in a cafe
across the country?
Fuel for these ole digits to keep at it.

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