Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Reccomendation

Sam and I are watching a DVD called "Golden Blaze" which takes place in an almost all African American community, and has an AA protagonist and antagonist. The messages contained within include literary terms and rich vocabulary and language; "do you notice the irony here?" and "nature abhors a void" and uses techniques like flashback to tell a complex story.

The son "educates" the father on how to be a superhero, and the importance of school is one of many positive messages. Minor characters include Asian American female newscasters and other minority supporting actors.

I asked the folks at our local video store for any positive AA videos in the family section. I am sure it is flawed in some way, but I haven't found them yet.

Happy Halloween!

Here is the Wikipedia piece on it:

The Golden Blaze
is an animated film released in 2005[1] written by Archie Gips and directed by Bryon E. Carson. The feature, starring the voices of Blair Underwood and Michael Clarke Duncan, had a limited theatrical run making it the first flash animation ever to be released on the big screen. It also took top honors at the prestigious 2005 Giffoni International Film Festival. It was produced by Urban Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Home Video.

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