Monday, November 16, 2009

Gobble never looked so good!

From book reviews to poor quality shameless kid cuteness with a holiday theme. How much farther can I fall in your eyes dear reader? Since Sam spontaneously burst out into this little ditty over his night-night snack I couldn't resist the opportunity to tape it. He was so thrilled that I found the box with last year's Thanksgiving art relics he began to recite every song on the topic he could recall. I am so pleased I kept what looked to an untrained eye as simply a stuffed brown lunch bag with construction paper protrusions shaped like legs and a beak.

Tomorrow I have Sam's fall "parent conference" with his preschool teachers. This is happening the same week that I will host parent teacher conferences with my students and their parents. It is such a good reminder as a teacher, to be on the other side of the information receiving end. I have zero concerns about Sam's progress as a preschooler--let's hope I am not given any reason to rethink this. Was I trying to butter them up, by presenting Shades of People to his teachers this morning? Will I become that mom? They read the book four times in his class today, by the way. And all the kids loved it.

I am working on a poem about migration--their migration towards me in the middle of the night, and the early morning. The more I write here, the more I am writing in my head, upon waking, while doing dishes, exhaling. The energy and support the blog provides me, in this abstract way is intangible. I must say that I feel a connection with my readership, known and unknown that is so nourishing to me as a mother, a writer, an adoptive parent, and all the other nuances of me that are allowed to float almost effortlessly to the surface here. What a perfect post to focus on my gratitude: thank you.

If you are a returning reader, and would be willing to join the list of followers over there, I'd appreciate that. Or send me an email at and introduce yourself. It is such a boost for me to hear from folks who are enjoying the blog, the work I do, and the perspective I have on this life we're living.

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Susan Fox Rogers said...

Hey Mama C,
Inspiring blog. I love Black Enough. What a poem. But your kids are too cute. Stop showing off.