Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Decade in Review (in less then ten sentences).

1999-Leave New York City for an island in Maine.

2000-Begin my teaching career.

2001-Organize first of five annual week long artists retreat on a lake with five amazing women.

2002-Buy my first home on the mainland.

2003-Decide to become a choice mom.

2004-Welcome Sam into my life.

2005-Publish my first piece in a magazine.

2006-Commit to being a writer as well as teacher and a mom.

2007-Welcome Marcel into our lives.

2008-Voted for a president who won!

2009-Put Mama C and the Boys on the map, published ten times.

Thank you to one an all for being part of this amazing decade.

* And thank you to Honeysmoke for the inspiration for this decade-in-review post and it's design:

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Joyful Mom at said...

What an amazing decade! I hope the next takes you everywhere you want to go!