Friday, December 4, 2009

It's not funny

I woke up this morning

Am I too serious?

Will my kids be humorless?
Am I that mother?

Well I know I am that mother to some.
But I don't want to be the one all the other
kids avoid.

Uh Sam, we like you and all but your
mom? Well she keeps hounding us about making good choices, the importance of education, racial identity and self advocacy to name just a few. Man she can't let it go!  We just want to chill and be with you. 


No dear you can't go over there. 
We love Marcel too, but his mom, is well
you know vegetarian, and kind of well serious. 
Let's invite him over here, it'll be good for him.
The kid needs a break.

I mean aside from being two,
could this be why Marcel covers himself in paint?
Draws long blue lines on the wall with a permanent marker,
and hurls my shoes into the air while singing
"That's poppycock Mr. Noodle!"

Is this why Sam asks me to dress more like Madonna?

[Yes I showed him a Madonna video. OK, I'll
admit it, I showed him three, even four.
He liked the sound of her name.
Then he liked the sound of her music.
Last night he liked the appearance
of her thigh high boots.

Mom do you have boots like that?
Can Santa get you those?]

It's not funny.
I worry.
Is Sam's appreciation of Madonna OK?

(Uncle calls her a class act, and calms me that way.)

While taking the veggie lasagna out of the oven,
I think Class? Billie Holiday has class. 
Well troubles too, but she had class!
Why isn't is he asking me to dress like her?

Last night when I grabbed the empty orange juice container
and pretended it was a mic while singing
"If we took a holiday, took a time to celebrate.." 

Both the boys screamed;

But, I protested;  "It's my right to express myself!
Remember the Bill of Rights?"

And the holiday I was thinking about was Kwaanza
and we have so much to celebrate,
and the heft of the juice box
really does make it funny.

But they were too busy
singing; "ABC it's as easy as 123"
while sliding around the kitchen floor
in their socks pulled up over their footy
pajamas (more slide potential) to notice.

I guess they'll be OK.


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