Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Vignettes-On the Lighter Side

Marcel on seeing the significant snow fall upon waking;
Mom?! Who put all that play dough on the cars?

On our economics situation after I say I didn't get yogurt this week:
Sam: Are we poor?
Me: Not in the important things, like friendships, love, having our
health, a roof over our..
Sam: But Mom, yogurt is important.

On our way back from our monthly transracial family/potluck gathering:
Sam: Mom were you the only not brown skinned person there?
Me: Uhm, no, there was so and so there, why?
Sam: It's OK if you are the only one that looks like you,
because I have  friends who look like me. And so can
you and Marcel.
Me: Thanks for that reassurance Sam.
Sam: But, maybe you should cut all his hair off next time so he
can look a little bit more like me.
Me: No! His hair is magnificent, and so is yours.
Sam: I am growing an Afro mom, so I can be in the Jackson 5.

Me: Marcel what are you playing with?
Marcel: Mom you know this is a train.
Me: Right.
Marcel: Not right mom. Say; Yupadoodle Mr. Noodle. OK?


I lay down next to Marcel singing Summer Time for the fifth
time tonight, with Sam chiming in at the end from the top bunk
and I don't much mind how imperfect I am.
(Picture above is in the Nana's bed two summer's ago-
inspired by the topic--and who doesn't love a sleeping babies pic?)

At the end where the song goes;
Until that day nothing is going to harm you,
With your mama and ________________ standing by,
we insert the names of everyone in our lives who we love, cherish etc.
It is the closest thing to a family ritual we have!

We also edit the beginning --to the Single Parent friendly version:
Summertime where the living is easy-
fish are jumping and the cotton is high.

Your mama's rich and your mama's good looking..


Your mama's rich, and your uncle's funny/good/not looking...


With the newly strung lights twinkling in the next room
reflected in Marcel's deeply conditioned and glistening hair,
Chopin by request (Jackson 5 not allowed at night night time)
tucking them both in softly around the edges
their deep breaths descending into sleep
I inhale our combined strength.

A final Sunday request: What do you want to know?
I am soliciting feedback, or suggestions for blog topics.
Email me at: with anything 
you'd like to see tackled here. I'm game.
I'm eager to know if there is anything you've always wondered
what my approach or take or experience with is or isn't.
Let's have it!

To more vignettes from the lighter side!
Have a great week, Mama C

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