Saturday, March 7, 2009

here's looking at you

a little early morning March check in
from a new format.
It feels like an important week just
happened. How often to I get to
realize that?
Marcel is routinely, dare I say it, sleeping through the night. And I mean sleeping
not a peep
out like a light.

and language-
We've got it!
Just a few weeks shy of 18 months, my little brainiac is busting out!
every day a new word
with glory and

Mama wook baby my!
translation: Mom look at my baby (doll).
I'll spare you the list
but one more highlight care of Uhn-kle:

I duhn NO.

And really he doesn't know.
Marcel where is your shoe?
I duhn know.
Marcel are you done?
I duhn know.
Marcel can you stop screaming please?
(we think the sound of NO is what makes this so appealing.)

Omniscient is Sam's newest word.
Mom, you are so omniscient he tells me.
Of course he knows what it means.
Thanks Uncle.
I had to look it up.

Sam's to do list this weekend:
sign up for karate
eat pancakes
roller blade outside too
it's fun in the playroom but he wants to JUMP more
help mommy the first time she asks
(I swear this is from his mouth, with only a little suggestiion)

My to do list:
Notice how it feels to be rested
exercise outside
print out five working chapters of memoir (!!!)
get the crock pot back to work
figure out how to record a few books on tape for sam
play more
fuss less

Marcel's to do list:
he doesn't know

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