Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rejection never felt so good

Sam, I wrote a stanza of the poem when I was in the shower.

Did it get wet?


Mama-the-writer update:

I received the greatest rejection letter today, from the editor of a literary magazine on the west coast. After informing me that my piece would not be included in their spring issue she goes on to say;

"I especially appreciated the risks you took in "Let's Go to Your Place" - this was a deeply private piece, and much of your imagery and language recalled a dozen, similar emotions and memories of my own - always a good sign."

It's hard to call encouraging words like this a rejection. And days before that, another writer emailed me to say she had recently come across the blog. Her impressions? Your writing style is spectacular and your sons are good enough to eat. So in honor of crossing the 1000 mark on my ticker, I want to say thank you to all who have stopped by for a gander, and keep coming back. Because the writing will just get better, and the content richer. And how much will you enjoy telling your friends that you knew of me long before I was a regular contributor to Vanity Fair, NPR, The Atlantic, and The Sun for starters.

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