Monday, March 2, 2009

four + one = forty-one

A snow day here in the land of
four and one
and forty-one is another gift
to unwrap slowly

Royally treated again:
waking at the farm house in Hiram
for pancakes cooked for me
and twenty minutes to read about
that other famous mom
Michelle with the beautiful arms
in a magazine
on a couch
with a warm cup of
brewed coffee brought
to me followed by
a spontaneous song and dance on a dirt
somewhere under the snow
covered road
announcing to bent over birches
that I
am still standing
tall, and bringing it in
with my best bring it on
surrounded by love on a perfect
First Sunday in March

Balloons, flowers, and festive
welcoming us home
on our return to town
an ominous
weather report giving me full permission
to dress it up
live it up
toast it up
on a
a Girls Night Out
with babysitting
provided by a Boys Night In

Home safely
well celebrated
I revisit the
voice, text and email shouts large
from the world at large
and feel the love radiating to me

Holding my favorite
home made card boasting every letter
in no particular order of
written proudly
by himself

hearing over and over
a one year old's
self assured
bursts of
Hippy-Birday MA-ma
reminded me
over and over again
that what I give up
to be here daily
is worth another
birthday wish devoted to
for it to be no other way
then I had it today
for part two of this life well lived
from zero to forty.

Forty-one to eighty
I'm ready.

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