Friday, March 13, 2009

Respect is free for the first month

After our initial "private lesson" Sammy is a "little ninja" in training.

On Monday he gets his first white belt, and an official invitation to start karate group lessons the next day.


"Yes ma'am" (no really that is the homework, for him to practice saying Yes and No ma'am.)

Sammy modeled his new belt-less costume, while Marcel ran around kicking things in his bathrobe.

Not only does the place give you the first month of lessons free, but teachers get a discount, and his teacher is a woman, who is going to insist my son learn respect and self control. If someone else wants to take over that piece for a month for free, I say; Yes Ma'am!


A new feature to this blog is going to be the Thursday Line Up.
A collection of one liners from the week that you, my adoring fans of my adorable and beastly children will appreciate.

Minimal context, high impact is our goal.

(Pretend it's Thursday.)

Thursday Line Up

Fashion: I walk out wearing the new bathing suit I had ordered online. It features "boy shorts" and a tankini top. When I walk out of the changing area Sam hoots; "Show us what you got sister, uh-huh." I stop laughing just in time to hear this; "Uh Mom? A little too tight huh?"

Beauty: Feelings were left in tact, because he was right. I emerge three minutes later wearing a black cotton dress with a nifty neck line. But this time I hear, "Mom that dress is too big, it hides your beautifulness." I simply trust the child, and put that in the to return pile too.

Athleticism: Marcel's teacher to me; "He had a good day. He ate well, slept great, and besides needing to be reminded not to kick his friends he had super fun throwing the ball at people."

Politics: Sam: Mom I saw Obama walking down the street.
Me: I doubt it hon, he doesn't walk alone anywhere.
Sam: Why?
Me: Well, he's too important.
Sam: Is that why you are never alone too mom?

Nutrition: Me: Marcel use your words. What do you want for dinner?
Marcel: Ice-keam and cookie. Mine. Mine. Now. NOW!

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